SMS Messaging

We can offer both an ad-hoc solution or fully integrated SMS within your existing system(s). For our ad-hoc solution we can send messages to individuals or groups of numbers very quickly and easily. You just supply the phone numbers you want to send to, give us your message and we do the rest. It's as simple as that!

You simply purchase the no. of text messages in bulk in advance and the more you purchase the lower the cost per text.


• Send the same message to one number or thousands of numbers
• Maintain groups of numbers to be used again
• See how many credits you have and how many you have sent
• See your message sending history
• Purchase more text credits
• Schedule messages for delivery up to a year in advance
• Send messages that require a reply that comes back to your email account
• Set up templates of frequently used message wordings
• Merge data held in the phonebooks into your outbound messages
• Dynamically change the 'Sender' when sending message


• Worldwide delivery of messages via reliable UK routes
• Very fast delivery
• Comprehensive reporting suite
• Ability to receive replies
• Automatic conversion of email to text message with replies back to email
• API for integration

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