We design and build our own products using the latest software development tools to help showcase what we can do for your business. Below are our key products that we have developed.

ProjectHub is a software platform web application, which has been specifically designed to provide your team with a productivity-optimized, virtual work environment that is based on coordination from the top and collaboration throughout. ProjectHub can provide you with a unique, fundamental, and massive advantage, because it was developed and designed by team leaders just like you… for team leaders just like you.


  1. Big-picture coordination of tasking
  2. A center for communication and messaging
  3. The ability to track team projects from start to finish
  4. A platform that’s requires little-to-no technical knowledge
  5. Notifications and syncing with globally-used services
  6. Industry-standard security features & accessible worldwide


As with any project-based team, the problems, the mistakes, and the delays in completing tasks and meeting goals tend to stem from a single root problem: ineffective systems tasking management and coordination. It requires better, closer communication and collaboration to overcome those challenges -and only then, can a team take their productivity and achievements to the next level. ProjectHub was designed specifically for leaders like you, who are ready to leverage a small team of professionals …to achieve massive results.

See the ProjectHub website for more details.

Project Milestones and Tasks

Assign and coordinate major projects with milestones and task lists.

Unlimited Users

Generate unlimited user profiles with functional roles and permissions.


Collaborate with the built-in Messaging System.

Our Another Products


Pinpoint is our advertising software allowing advertisers to re-target potential customers.

Sly Fox Shopper

Sly Fox Shopper is our shopping app and website allowing retailers to get their shop and promotions seen by shoppers who are out in the local towns.

Data Route

Data Route is our budget fleet management system allowing businesses running multiple vehicles to keep track of how and when their vehicles are being used

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