MS Office Automation

Like most businesses the software you are likely to be using will include the Microsoft Office suite of programs plus other software such as accounting etc.

You will probably use Microsoft Word and Excel for letters, invoices, statements and many other documents. It is very likely you use Microsoft Outlook for email and appointments and you may even use Microsoft Access databases to store basic data such as customer and supplier details.

But the software you have installed is capable of doing a lot more than you think. All the Microsoft Office programs come with their own powerful programming language which means you can get them to do exactly what you them to do. For example, you will probably find that you spend a lot of time copying and pasting data from one document to another. Well a small utility can written to do this for you by opening a document, getting the information you need and automatically inserting the data into another document. You can even get a program to automatically send out emails.

There is a lot that your existing software can do for you so, if you think you have areas of your office that could be automated, then we can help.

More details to follow...

More details to follow...

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