Pinpoint is a retargeting system that lets you retarget ads instantly whenever someone visits your site. There are already plenty of ad-retargeting exchanges on the web. What makes Pinpoint so powerful is that it gives you a fast and easy way to retarget at the click of a button…

… On ANY MAJOR NETWORK that uses retargeting.

How It Works

  1. Click on create new audience
  2. Give the audience a name
  3. Enter the re-targeting URL you got from the ad network
  4. Enter the URL of your site or landing page

It’s just that easy! 4 simple steps for as many campaigns as you want, all from one easy interface!


All of the major players—Facebook, Google, Amazon—started making much more money when they began retargeting. And the exact same thing is true for people who advertise with them. But whether you’re already doing retargeting or not, I’m going to show you a product that can dramatically boost your results. If you haven’t ever done retargeting before this product will make it dramatically easier to start.

If you’re already doing retargeting and running tons of campaigns and tests, this will let you do it faster and easier. … And, even more importantly, it will help you recapture leads you lost because they made it to the order form but didn’t complete the sale.

See the Pinpoint website for more details.

Unlimited Campaigns

Set up retargeting campaigns for as many sites as you like. Start and close new campaigns whenever you feel like it.

Works With Any Retargeting Code

Retargeting codes for Facebook, Google, Fetchback, Adroll, Retargeter and Chango are all supported.

Retarget From Any Landing Page

You can target traffic from any site you own, and you can target an unlimited number of sites.

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