Data Route is our budget vehicle fleet management system.

It consists of a small Data Logger Box installed in the vehicle that records journey information. As the vehicle is used in its daily routine, the Data Logger Box will collect information about each journey and store it. This data is then downloaded into Fleet Manager software where it can be analysed.

How It Works

  1. Records the following information for each journey:
  2. Start date/time
  3. End date/time
  4. Total journey time (hours and minutes)
  5. Travel time (hours and minutes)
  6. Idle time (hours and minutes)
  7. Distance
  8. Peak speed
  9. Average speed


In its simplest form you have the ability to monitor when and how your vehicles are used.

The software also allows you to enter a complete service history, a fuel history and can calculate how much your fleet is costing you. It will also tell you when services are due and will keep track of any MOT and road tax that is due for renewal.

See the Data Route website for more details.

Large Data Capacity

Up to 1,000 journeys recorded before a data download is required.

Excessive Idling Warning

Can be programmed to emit a constant audible warning if the vehicle has been idling for more than a specified number of minutes. The driver is forced to switch the engine off to stop the noise. This will reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle.

Crash Analysis

In the unfortunate event of an accident the box will record the last 16 seconds of speed prior to impact. If any auxiliary inputs have been setup then the activity of the auxiliaries is also recorded in the last 16 seconds.

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