File Backup

Solve data challenges with instant, reliable backup.

We deliver the best-in-class backup solution for your data with Backup Cloud. By using the 3-2-1 data backup rule, your data, workstations and servers will be protected securely in a UK data centre. Differentiate your backup offering with disk imaging technology and the instant restore feature and benefit from an easy set and forget routine.


• Remote Management - Manage remotely via a web browser from anywhere in the world
• Multi Data Backup - Backup hard drives, partitions and servers, directly to the cloud
• Secure Tier-IV Data Centres - Tiee-IV is the highest availability level for any data centre on the planet
• Restore backups in minutes - Super speedy backups for peace of mind
• Easy Access - Backed up data can be accessed from any web browser
• Pay per GB - Option to pay per gigabyte for smaller, flexible and unlimited storage


• Restore backups in minutes
• Safe and secure data encryption
• Save time by managing backups remotely
• Securely store data in the UK
• Range of flexible customer packages
• Backup all types of data, workstation and servers
• Trusted solution from a leader in backup software

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