Graphics Design

For new businesses we can help with creating an identity. We can design logos, letterheads, business cards, leaflets and any other form of stationery.

If you require specialised forms that you can't buy off-the-shelf then let us design them for you. We have specialised software with many templates that we can use to get the exact form you want.

Once we have designed your stationery then the relevant files will be emailed to you. Alternatively we can arrange for your stationery to be printed. We will liaise with our preferred printer and ensure everything is delivered directly to you.

Logo Design

We will design 3 different logos which we think will represent your business or product and can also use any colour schemes and fonts etc. that you may already use for other products and services.

You can then select which logo you would like to use and we will make any further changes and supply you with the final logo in several formats that are best for printing and displaying on websites.

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